It takes the help and gifted talents of many people to put a project of this size together. I would like to thank everyone individually and collectively who opened their archives, doors, cupboards and hearts.

My sincere appreciation goes to the Seattle Public Library, for storing the volumes of The Northwestern Miller and the American Miller, and particularly the staff of the Magazines and Periodicals department for ordering and reordering. Special thanks to Martin Burgess, who has been very helpful and supportive throughout the years and to Debora Jacobs, City Librarian & CEO, for the beautiful letter she wrote with Andrea Addison on the book’s behalf.

I would like to thank Mr. Michael Ford, V P Publisher of Miller Publishing Company, formerly The Northwestern Miller, for the use of the materials. To my knowledge, there are only two near-complete sets of The Northwestern Miller, one of which is housed in the Seattle Public Library, the other, recently found in the Milling and Baking News Archives (the former office of The Northwestern Miller) and donated to the University of Minnesota. It was only after years of laboriously and lovingly gathering poems, photographs, illustrations and borders for this book, that I found that the Seattle volumes had been donated to the library by the Fisher Flouring Mills Co. Inc.

A special thanks to Bill Krippaehne, President & CEO of Fisher Companies, for the genuine words of encouragement when I first brought in the manuscript, and for his continued support throughout the years, as well as thanks to the late Terry Barrons, President of Fisher Flouring Mills Inc. and Chris Wheeler, Vice President Corporate Communications, Fisher Companies Inc.

I would like to convey my deep gratitude to the late Executive Vice President of the Millers’ National Federation, Mr. Herman Steen, who spent many of his retirement years writing his series of books: Flour Milling In America, Miller’s National Federation, and The O.W. Fisher Herritage.

I would like to thank Mr. Roy Henwood, Past President of the Millers’ National Federation, (recently merged to form the North American Millers’ Association) for being so generous with his knowledge, and to Betsy Faga, the current President of the North American Millers’ Association for her continued support and the wonderful letter she wrote on the association’s behalf.

Sincere thanks to the presidents and vice presidents of the milling companies for supporting me in this romantic endeavor with their heart-felt enthusiasm.

With deepest appreciation I would like to thank Master Baking Instructor Ernie E. Kimberland. A member of the American Society of Baking Engineers, Mr. Kinberland worked for a number of years in the wholesale and retail shops in the Pacific Northwest. He earned an Applied Arts and Science Degree in Vocational Education, graduated from the American Institute of Baking and became a baking instructor at the college level. And to his partner, the late Don Bullington, thanks to the two of you for being such incredible instructors and teaching me the science of baking.

Thanks to my wonderfully amazing friends and associates, Shelley Odegard, Mark Gordon, Dave Emery, Robert Hayes, John Papajani, Joe Tschida, Doug Fast and Bob Cumbow, for being who you are, and for embracing the book and blessing it with your special talents and gifts. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into it, for weaving such a beautifully romantic tale, and making it such a wonderful journey.


When moonlight touched to beauty all the field
Of beamy spear on spear,
Up through the silver night, up to the moon
I heard this song rise clear:

We are the army of the wheat. We have battled through the ages
To set our signal in the skies, our story on earth’s pages.
Winds are our boon confederates, rain and sun are of these,
And the slow change of seasons rolls out our prophecies.

The granaries hold our secret, -ah, impatient to reveal
That the lord of all progression is the lord of the turning wheel!
Two utmost needs of man there are for which we rally and strive:
Bread for his body, – beauty to keep his soul alive.
And as long as man is man, as far as the feet of man shall tread,
The flowers of the wheat shall blossom, and the mouth of the world be fed.

So in the piercing sweetness of a night.
In mist of dews upspringing,
I heard the conquering army of the wheat,
The host of beauty singing.

– Agnes Lee