I have been producing and marketing books since 1985 and this is THE BEST cookbook that I have ever had the honor to review. Your book is filled with fabulous recipes, poems that touch your heart, wonderful pictures, the history behind the American Flour Milling Industry, and most importantly the feeling of love is felt on each and every page.
–Linda F. Radke, Owner, Five Star Publications, Inc.

Wow! It is more gorgeous and comprehensive than I ever could have imagined. The blend of recipes, beautiful photographs, poetry and milling history is impressive and exciting. Anyone who cooks and bakes will be attracted to it.
–Betsy Faga, President, North American Millers’ Association

I was drawn to it right away. The book invites any reader to turn further into its pages. How great that your persistence is rewarded with such a good-looking book. Congratulations!
–Roy M. Henwood, Past President, Miller’s National Federation

It is a magnificent book of which you should be very proud.
–Judi Adams, President, Wheat Foods Council

… this book is a long overdue reflection on the industry and recognition of the service and dedication of the people who bring us our daily bread.
–William Krippaehne, Jr, President and CEO, Fisher Companies Inc.

Everything in the book is first class and a work of art.
–William L. Denton, President, SPOOM, the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills

I cannot begin to describe how beautiful this book is; you must see it to appreciate its uniqueness. This book would be a great wedding gift or for anyone interested in baking.
–Shirley LaBusier, The Nashville News

On first blush, it’s just spectacular group of photographs and recipes. But further reading brings out the fascinating period poetry and history of early flour mills. A great gift for any serious home baker. Wonderful recipes, great design.
–Roger Page, Bookseller

Recipes are accessible and easy, requiring ingredients found in most kitchens. And the breads and cakes and muffins are of the sort that can be served every day and not reserved for special occasions.
–Susan English, The Spokane Review

“You helped teach us about the treasures buried in our collections.” Your book…will be a valuable resource in our collection.
–Andra Addison, Seattle Public Library