A ROMANCE WITH BAKING is a nostalgic journey back to the kitchen where Karol Redfern Hamper has romanticized the basics. A culmination of the author’s twenty years experience as a professional baker, the recipes in the book capture the essence of what baking is about. It is a rich book of history, a beautiful picture book and an engaging book of poetry. A must for anyone’s collection!
– Shirley Collins, Owner, Sur La Table

The interests of the flour milling industry have been represented by it’s trade association, the Millers’ National Federation (recently merged to form the North American Millers’ Association), since 1902. Thus, as an association we commend Karol Redfern Hamper for the professional dedication she has put into the development of this historical book. This lovely baking book will preserve the rich history of the wheat milling industry and be a treasure to those companies whose history she has captured and to the industry in general.
– Betsy Faga, President, North American Millers’ Association

KAROL REDFERN HAMPER graduated from my college level baking course and soon became one of the best in the industry. She is well trained and has been successful in every aspect of her on-going career-from student to pastry chef and baker for some of the premier restaurants in the Seattle area to wholesale dessert business owner. Throughout her vocation in the field she has dedicated her natural talent for public relations and her baking expertise to the development of this book. She served on the advisory board at the college and supplies desserts to fund raisers and social events.
– Ernie Kimberland, Master Baking Instructor

The Metropolitan Grill was the first to feature Karol Redfern Hamper’s desserts. Her triple chocolate Kahlua cheesecake soon became a house specialty and remained on the menu for six years running. She is, and always has been a professional who is
dedicated to her craft.
– Earl Owens, Corporate Chef, Consolidated Restaurants

Karol owned one of the first, and always considered the best, wholesale dessert businesses in the Seattle Area. Her well regarded recipes will be a delight to see in print.
– James Malevitsis, Owner of the Adriatica

SHELLY ODEGARD, after four years as a University of Washington English major, headed for Europe to study design and architecture, eventually landing back in Seattle to apprentice with a prominent landscape / design company and noted
national retail store.

In 1976, she and her husband opened their own design business which has afforded Shelley the opportunity to design custom homes, interiors, commercial spaces, lecture, teach art classes and raise their three children.